Stefani Zagli – about me

About Me

Graduated from the Art Institute of Porta Romana in Florence, I began working in the world of decoration on ceramics and maiolica in an art workshop, gaining a lot of experience in this field. However, it was in 1996, when I started working at the Richard Ginori factory through a competition announced by the Region, that my great passion for porcelain painting was born.

I worked within the company for a few years, and then continued a beautiful collaboration as an external artist, organizing painting demonstrations in their showrooms set up in prestigious wedding registry stores throughout Italy.

Later on, I had the honor and pleasure of working alongside the most important porcelain painting masters in Sesto Fiorentino, sitting next to them for hours, trying to grasp every little detail.

For several years, I collaborated with various companies in Tuscany and their antique dealers, creating interesting artistic lines together.

Now, I execute works following my personal style, always striving to improve the technique, the drawing, and the delicacy of brushstrokes where the painting requires it.